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Coronavirus Impact Indication Study:

Cycle 2

This is your opportunity to uncover new and strategic insights about your customers and partners in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. You can learn:

  • How has the virus affected your customers so far?
  • How will that impact change over time?
  • Will the ‘new normal’ change your customers’ interactions with you?
  • Will the ‘new normal’ impact your industry or sector?

oomph’s ground-breaking research project, the Covid-19 Impact Indicator Study, launched its first Cycle in early 2020 and revealed startling and useful findings for those who participated.

Your organisation can now benefit from this proven platform and methodology, by sharing our surveys with your customers and partners in Cycle 2.

If you want to learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted your customers’ financial and economic wellbeing, and how they interact with you, then get in touch to start your journey with the Impact Indicator Study.

Once on your journey, you will also be part of the COVID-19 Impact community. This community of active participants will be the first to see our consolidated findings from the surveys in Cycle 2, and will be encouraged to collaborate and share their experiences.

Who's it for?

PublicSector Public
FinancialServicesSector Financial
EntertainmentSector Entertainment
Health andWellbeingSector Health and
ConsumerTechnologySector Consumer
B2BSector B2B
CharitySector Charity
EducationSector Education

What's it for?

Policyplanning Policy
New productdevelopment New product
Transformationplanning Transformation
Resourceplanning Resource
Communicationsplanning Communications


01 September 2020 September 2020 Participant
02 October 2020 October 2020 Survey
03 November 2020 November 2020 Survey
04 December 2020 December 2020 Data supplied
to participants
Tier 1

Participant only

Who is it for? Analysts and insight specialists

What you get:

Survey and platform:

  • Branded survey for you to send to your database
  • Matching panel survey going to independent respondents for your sector
  • Management of survey in the field to a maximum of 200 database respondents

Results and output:

  • Automated report of your data in an Excel Workbook, showing COVID-19 impact on your customers
  • Early access to consolidated findings from all data in Cycle 2
  • Promotional opportunities as an active participant.
Tier 2

Insight-supported Participant

Who is it for? Customer experience and marketing managers

Survey and platform - as for Tier 1

Results and output - as Tier 1 plus:

  • Custom analysis of your data by our data science team, highlighting attributes and trends from your data dataset
  • Data also cross-matched and compared with independent sector data
  • Provision of actionable insights for your organisation
Tier 3

Strategy-supported Participant
from £12,000

Who is it for? Strategic business owners and leaders

Survey and platform - as Tier 2 plus:

  • Opportunity to add your own section of questions to your survey

Results and output - as Tier 2 plus:

  • Extended in-depth analysis of your dataset
  • Bespoke report built on insights from your data, to include:
    • Policy and practice planning
    • Business transformation planning
    • Strategic communications planning
    • COVID-19 impact management planning

This website has been created for the international CVII insight community to assist in transformation planning. Access to the home page is unrestricted, for access to all insights including CVII, sector and transformation planning, we ask that you join this community by sharing your email address, name and organisation. The home page will orient you around the detailed insights available for which you will then be asked for your basic details. More information on how we store and use your data will be provided when prompted.

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