X-ii Scale

At the heart of the methodology was the creation of the X-ii scale.

The X-ii Scale is represented by a grid, with wellbeing and economic impact forming the two main axes. These were chosen after assessing public and research domain conversations about the pandemic’s impact in late April. This scale is now being deployed to understand the implications of transformational behaviour change.

Its first application was in a two year study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the relationship between individuals and organisations. This has involved four study cycles with over 12,000 respondents, starting in 2020 with the final cycle scheduled in 2022.

Decision Juice is a research platform that brings together qual and  quant research at a fraction of the cost of traditional quant plus focus groups.
It has three powerful components:

  • Quant and qual are analysed against the same respondent data.
  • High volumes of qualitative data are captured.
  • High levels of survey engagement are achieved.

The CVII Scale


The Coronavirus Impact Indicator (CVII) has been developed to assess the impact of the pandemic on the wellbeing and the economic status of individuals and organisations.

The CVII descriptors are intended to bring some real life meaning to a quantitative measure that would be otherwise difficult to assess.