Coronavirus Impact Indicator Study:

Cycle 3

The third cycle of our longitudinal study considered changes in service user and customer behaviour for B2B, B2C, Public and Not-for-Profit sectors.

Using our COVID-19 Impact Indicator (CVII) scale, we surveyed over 3000 UK-based respondents to understand how their lives have changed since the start of the pandemic and the direct effects that has had on their relationships and interactions with organisations. This includes:

  • How they believe that organisations, services or products have been affected since the start of the pandemic
  • What levels of support organisations or product/service providers could offer the respondent to help them in this context e.g. through changes in service provision
  • How respondents use and adoption of e.g. technology has been influenced by the impact of the pandemic
  • How their routines in work, travel, purchasing and communications have changed and whether they are returning to their pre-COVID-19 behaviours.

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