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I'll trust you more with new ideas now.

Look through the other lens - it may be tough but the business people you are helping want more help.

Key thought:
For businesses servicing other businesses there is a significant minority that are seeing improved services post COVID. Given there is a strong sentiment that also sees opportunities to build on new services, B2B organisations should talk to their loyal customers frequently about how they are using their services and use them as an innovation test centre for rollout to a wider group.

Around 15% of B2B respondents are saying that COVID-19 has had a positive impact on using their services. And this 15% are very positive about the value that the organisation can offer them through further evolution of services. It is not always the case that these respondents are those who saw the services as important, but at the very least they are a significant minority of service users and customers who would be prepared to be asked to trial new ideas for product development.

This could form the basis for a new innovations hub in B2B organisations which could be sustained through recovery planning and into BAU with the objective of continuous improvement.

The next most positive group to welcome support to lessen the COVID impact are where respondents experienced a significant, or some, impact upon the ability to use services. So it seems there is a latent desire to see organisations change their services or delivery and as a result service users and customers will restart their engagement.

The overriding implication seems to be that change is now expected and will be supported. What is not clear is the timeframe expectation on these changes before the opportunity for re-engagement is gone and the services are sourced elsewhere from more agile or pivoting organisations. This varies between sector and organisation.